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Our Story

AMARVAT offers a niche range of products that include Ayurvedic Kadha, Ayurvedic medicines, and herbal supplements. Our products are manufactured with the intention of providing people with the benefits of the Ayurveda in the most natural and pure form. Our products helps people with daily lifestyle related problems.

The journey to the launching of brand, 'AMARVAT'

AMARVAT was launched in 2020, when the entire country was fighting the Covid-19 and the only way to fight that infection was to boost immunity of the people. Being an Ayurvedic company, it was our responsibility and duty to come up with a product that would helps people to increase their immunity. There, we came out with the brand “AMARVAT” where the first product launched was “AMARVAT Immunity Booster Kadha”. We feel immense pride in sharing that the feedback on the AMARVAT Immunity Booster Kadha was so good that we got motivated to launch more products using the 5000 years old holistic approach of Ayurveda.

Resukts were good, later launched more products using 5000years old holistic approach of Ayurveda.


To make people enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda in the natural and purest form to help them live their life in a healthier and better way.


To develop and manufacture high-quality products and unique formulations for helping people live a healthy lifestyle.